DetachPipe™ is an Email Attachment Manager for Outlook 2016, 360, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, XP

The DetachPipe Add On frees attachments from Outlook's PST/OST file, massively reducing the PST/OST size, assisting backups and making Outlook faster and more reliable.

Attachments can be deleted, compressed, or detached to disk with a clickable hyperlink left in place (the paperclip icon can be retained to assist searches based on attachments). Files can be reattached later if required. Even entire folders can have their attachments saved, removed, detached, compressed or restored.

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All About DetachPipe

DetachPipe can detach incoming attachments from the Inbox, and re-attach to Forwarded emails in the Outbox. Sent Items can be deleted. DetachPipe watches your Deleted Items and offers to remove attachments stored on disk when you delete the related email.

Attachments can be compressed for extra space savings, and DetachPipe even checks for and merges duplicate attachments - saving even more space.

DetachPipe gives you complete control over the naming of detached files. The default naming scheme of [Folder Name][Subject]_[FileName] allows the original email to easily be found. The file date is also set to the email date.

DetachPipe can even be used to bulk-extract attachments for digital forensics investigations.

DetachPipe runs on all Windows platforms - Microsoft® Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista®, 2012/2008/2003 Server, XP x32 and x64, and works with Outlook 2016, 360, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, XP. It is not designed to work with Outlook Express.

Coupled with's WebMail...

DetachPipe is your complete solution for sending very large private files like medical images, X-Rays, white papers, proposals and resumes.

Privacy is guaranteed. Unlike other systems, tracks exactly who is allowed to see which attachments and bars all others. Just like email, recipients can forward attachments, unless you specify Your Eyes Only™, which prevents forwarding, and notifies the sender of any attempt. This is ideal for sensitive business documents, and even for developers to send private software builds to customers.

Was my attachment read? With you can track how many times they were read, if ever, and even see if they were deleted before being read.

No more technical hassles. Send large attachments from within Outlook, the DetachPipe Add On handles them transparently in the background. No need to use a web browser to upload files.

No more email size limits. Email large files without worrying about the recipient's account quota and emails bouncing back. Ever.

Attachments can also be uploaded and managed through an online attachment account, just like a web mail account.

DetachPipe even integrates with DropBox, if present.

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