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Your Eyes Only™

When you send or forward an attachment, you can mark it as 'Your Eyes Only'. This means that the recipient cannot forward the attachment to others - it is intended just for them to read.

This is perfect for sensitive business proposals, private communications, and even for software developers to send software patches to individual customers.

Another benefit of Your Eyes Only is that you will receive a notification email if the recipient has tried to forward the attachment. They are unaware that this email is being sent.

Who Has Read My Attachment?

See who has read your attachments, and how many times each.

Figure 1. Sample Outbox display, showing unread attachments, attachments deleted before being read etc.

Who Deleted My Attachment Without Reading It?

See which Recipients deleted your attachments without reading them (great for marketing, white papers, proposals etc).

SecondChance™ - Delete Embarrassing Attachments Before They Are Read

Delete sent attachments before the Recipients have a chance to read them (great for botched proposals, business plans etc).

Sample Web Display


Figure 2. Online Account Inbox Display



In addition to this, you can make Outlook far more reliable and reduce your PST/OST file size.


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