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DetachPipe Add-On for Outlook Benefit DetachPipe Free DetachPipe Lite DetachPipe Full
Price Free! $19.95 $29.95
Can be used in a corporate/non-profit/military environment NO Yes Yes
Save attachments (using a filename mask to control where attachments are saved)
  Compress attachments to save disk space
  Detect duplicate attachments to save disk space
Delete attachments (via the Recycle Bin so they can be recovered if necessary)
Upload large attachments to simplify sharing and get around sender's and recipients' attachment size limitations
Reduce Outlook's PST/OST file size, improving speed and reliability and simplifying backups
Access attachments blocked by Outlook (.exe, .chm, and more)
Automatically process Incoming attachments (detach/delete)  
Automatically process Outgoing attachments (detach/delete)  
Automatically process attachments arriving in designated folders (detach/delete)  
Schedule designated folders to be detached at a given time (detach/delete)  
Process entire trees of folders (ie a folder and its subfolders)  
Process emails with TextPipe Pro Add On  
Detach attachments, leaving a clickable hyperlink in place To local machine only (*) To local machine only (*) To any location (*)
  Automatically re-attach attachments when an email is forwarded, and allow manual re-attach
  Retain the attachment icon (paperclip) on emails for sorting and display purposes
  Compress detached attachments to save disk space
  Detect duplicate attachments to save disk space

Local Drives

Local drives are disks connected directly to the computer the software is installed on, such as C:, D: E: etc. A mapping or subst of a network drive to a drive letter is NOT a local drive! A UNC share such as \\server\share is NOT a local drive