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Make Outlook Faster and More Reliable

Outlook is notorious for becoming exceptionally sluggish when the size of its PST/OST file (Personal Folder File) grows too large (typically larger than 1 GB).

With the increasing size of images, documents and files, it doesn't take long for Outlook to exceed this limit.

The PST/OST file also becomes much harder to backup, and the window of opportunity for system administrators to backup PST/OST files is becoming smaller and smaller.

Using DetachPipe, you can dramatically reduce the size of your PST/OST file by removing unwanted attachments, compressing wanted attachments, and automatically removing outgoing attachments; since these are always available on the local disk.

You can also configure DetachPipe to detach incoming attachments to disk, and leave a clickable hyperlink in place. When you click the link, Outlook opens the file saved on disk. If you forward the email, DetachPipe re-attaches the original file and removes the link. If you delete the email, DetachPipe offers to also remove the file on disk.

When you detach attachments, DetachPipe automatically identifies duplicate files and only saves a single copy. You can customize where DetachPipe saves each attachment using a filename mask that can include the date, subject, sender etc.

If you use TextPipe from DataMystic, you can use it with DetachPipe to process the body of one or more emails, searching and replacing text, extracting information and performing arbitrary changes.

Using DetachPipe you can automatically make substantial improvements to the way you manage disk space.


Additionally, you can upload large attachments to for easier sharing.

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