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Send Large Emails with DetachPipe

Most email accounts are restricted to receiving emails up to 2 MB in size, and can only send emails up to 5 MB in size. Emails larger than this will simply bounce back to your account, filling your account instead (and frustrating you).

Instead of cluttering up the Inbox of your friends, use DetachPipe to send them a link instead.

Now you can send large photos, video and music to your friends and family without the security headaches of you both having to download invasive spyware applications or insecure file sharing software where your files are publicly available to the world.

The DetachPipe Add On for Microsoft Outlook automatically takes takes care of everything for you. No need to browse all over your hard disk to identify a file to upload - just keep using Outlook email exactly as you have always done. DetachPipe uploads your files securely in the background, and inserts a clickable link in your email for each attachment. Your recipients simply click the link to get the attachment.

With a DetachPipe Paid account, you can currently send emails up to 50 MB in size.

You can also get some neat information about your attachments...



1 MB or Megabyte is 1024x1024 bytes, or 1048576 bytes.


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